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Bills vs. Jets, 2014 NFL Week 8: second half live game chat

It's super annoying that the Bills only lead the Jets 24-17 at halftime in New Jersey. Because nothing is ever easy with the Bills.

Al Bello

On the surface, the Buffalo Bills holding a 24-17 lead on the New York Jets at halftime on the road sounds like a pretty good spot to be in.

Here's the thing, though: the Jets turned the football over four times in the first half, the Bills are clean in that department, and yet Buffalo squandered enough of those opportunities to allow the Jets to climb back into contention. That includes giving up 10 points in the final two minutes of the half, which is a very Bills thing to do, now, isn't it?

Geno Smith threw three interceptions in the first quarter alone, which led to a 14-0 Bills lead and his being benched in favor of Michael Vick. The veteran quarterback has re-ignited the Jets' offense, with the team putting up 17 points since his insertion into the game - and he's hurting the Bills mostly with his legs, rushing for 57 yards on five carries.

Buffalo turned those four turnovers into just 10 points, which they then squandered in that final two-minute stretch (in which the Jets scored, the Bills' offense promptly went three-and-out, and then gave up enough yardage for a last-second field goal). Another week, another instance in which the Bills have been beyond putrid in situational football.

Still, a lead is a lead, and the Bills have the ball to start the third quarter. Let's see if they can't salt this thing away after letting the Jets hang around.