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Buffalo Rumblings Live, 10/29: examining the Bills at the bye

Matt and Brian make their triumphant return to talk about the Buffalo Bills - who are 2-0 in our absence - as they enter their bye week at the midpoint of the season.

We've had two weeks off at Buffalo Rumblings Live, but we make our return this week just in time for the Buffalo Bills to take some well-deserved time off of their own. Since we last convened, the Bills are 2-0 after two very different wins against the Minnesota Vikings and the New York Jets.

On this week's show, Brian Galliford and I examine the Bills at the bye and halfway point. Now that Kyle Orton has had a month in the starting role, how has the offense changed? What the heck is Nathaniel Hackett doing? Is Sammy Watkins living up to the hype? On defense, what has made the Jim Schwartz attack so good these last eight games? What does the team need to do to make the playoffs for the first time since Bill Clinton was president?

Thanks to everyone who stopped by live during the show and submitted questions. Until next week, friends!