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Bills vs. Dolphins, 2014 NFL Week 11: first half open thread

There's a lot at stake tonight for the Bills and the Dolphins on Thursday Night Football.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

It's November 13.

The winner of tonight's game between the Buffalo Bills and the Miami Dolphins will be 6-4.

Said 6-4 team will be within a game and a half of AFC East leader New England.

Said 6-4 team will also remain very much in the mix in a crowded AFC playoff race.

The loser of tonight's game between the Bills and the Dolphins will be 5-5.

Said 5-5 team will be 2.5 games behind New England in the standings with six games to play.

Said 5-5 team will also wind up looking up at a large number of teams in the AFC playoff standings by the time the Week 11 schedule is concluded.

Tonight, on Thursday Night Football in Miami, the usually-terrible Bills have a chance to stay relevant until at least November 23. They can do that by winning. If they lose, they'll reach also-ran status for a fourteenth straight season, and the last six games of the campaign will take on significantly reduced meaning.

Go Bills.