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Questioning two weeks of frustrating Doug Marrone decisions

Heading into Week 12, Doug Marrone has some decisions to make regarding the direction of his 5-5 Buffalo Bills. Hopefully, they're not as frustrating as his fourth down decisions.

The Buffalo Bills have fallen from 5-3 playoff contenders to 5-5 playoff pretenders in a jam-packed AFC postseason race. Currently sitting No. 12 in the conference (three games out in the division, 1.5 in the wild card race) with six games remaining, Doug Marrone and the Bills have fallen hard in consecutive weeks, with several entities questioning his coaching decisions.

In this video, we take a closer look at some of the coaching decisions from Marrone over the past few weeks, focusing on the coach's unwillingness to attempt a fourth down in an effort not to "take the game away from the players." That unwillingness to be different from his colleagues (his words, not ours) is frustrating as a fan.

We also take a look at the Bills' quarterback situation. Should the team go back to EJ Manuel (24 years old, 2-2 this season) or stick with veteran Kyle Orton (32 years old, 3-3 this season)? It's another decision Marrone has been tasked to make during this tumultuous 2014 season.