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Who is the 2014 Buffalo Bills' unsung hero (so far)?

Things have not been going particularly well for the Buffalo Bills of late, but that doesn't mean players have stopped performing across the board. Who would you consider the Bills' unsung hero so far in 2014?

Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

Every team - even the so-so ones, like the Buffalo Bills - have unsung heroes. Marshall Faulk wants to know who the Bills' unsung hero so far in 2014 is.

It's a bit weird to call a three-time Pro Bowl player an unsung hero, but on the Bills' defensive line, that's pretty much what Kyle Williams has become, thanks to the stats-based society that football fandom has become.

Williams, who has been the Bills' best player over the last five seasons, is a name we haven't heard called too often this season. That's thanks in large part to the work being done by the three people that line up next to him: Mario Williams and Marcell Dareus have already reached the 10-sack mark this season, while Jerry Hughes (7.5) is well on his way to that territory, as well. They get most of the ink up front.

Meanwhile, Kyle Williams has missed one game and been banged up in a couple of others, and ranks fourth on the team with three sacks. (He did have that sweet interception in a Week 1 win over Chicago, too.) Don't let the low sack total fool you, though; he's off his career-best pace set in 2013 by a significant margin, but Williams remains the disruptive, penetrating force on the inside that he has been since the 2010 season. He just doesn't have the numbers that his fellow linemen do right now. Don't be shocked when they come over the last six weeks.

Who would you consider the Bills' unsung hero this season?

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