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Bills-Packers score at halftime: game tied at 10-10

The Bills have a special teams touchdown and blocked kick to keep the game close.

Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

The Buffalo Bills have a few big plays from their special teams and their defense has been stout, but the offense isn't doing any better than in the past and the Bills and Green Bay Packers are tied, 10-10.

Aaron Rodgers has completed just 33% of his passes and several of his passes were almost picked off. The running game is powering the Packers' offense so far as they've amassed 116 yards on the ground and a touchdown. Several three-and-outs thanks in part to dropped passes have helped Buffalo.

Offensively, Kyle Orton and the Bills offense have been lackluster. Orton has an interception and just 85 passing yards. They have just 34 yards rushing. If not for a Marcus Thigpen punt return for a touchdown, they would have almost nothing to show for the great defensive effort.

The Bills get the ball to start the second half. Keep on chatting in the comments section.