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Bills-Broncos score: Buffalo trails Denver at halftime, 14-3

Self-inflicted wounds have done a more effective job at putting the Bills in their 14-3 hole in Denver than Peyton Manning has.

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

The Denver Broncos lead the Buffalo Bills at halftime in Colorado, 14-3. This is not surprising.

Another thing that's not especially surprising: the Bills have played fairly well on defense, frustratingly poorly on offense, and have made key mistakes in critical situations to spot Denver their halftime lead.

The Bills forced two Broncos turnovers in the first half - a Corey Graham interception, and then a Graham fumble recovery late in the second quarter to thwart a scoring opportunity - but were not able to turn either into points. Penalties - a Nickell Robey illegal contact first, and an unsportsmanlike conduct flag on the since-benched Jerry Hughes - played kay roles in both of the Broncos' scoring drives. Kyle Orton has been sacked three times, slid shy of the first down marker on a scramble, and Sammy Watkins fumbled on the Bills' opening possession.

These are the Bills: self-inflicted wounds have them down two scores despite the fact that Peyton Manning threw just nine passes in the first half. Figure that one the hell out.

This is your open thread for the second half of Bills-Broncos. Denver will have the opening possession of the third quarter. Go Bills!