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2014 NFL Draft Top 50 prospect rankings: Daniel Jeremiah weighs in

Former NFL scout Daniel Jeremiah unveiled his first Top 50 prospects list for the 2014 NFL Draft on Monday, and half of the list is comprised of players at major Buffalo Bills need areas.

Thomas Campbell-USA TODAY Sports

The four most common mock NFL Draft picks made for the Buffalo Bills, from a positional standpoint, are (in no specific order) wide receiver, tight end, right tackle and linebacker. Daniel Jeremiah of unveiled his initial list of Top 50 prospects yesterday, and exactly half of the list - 25 prospects - play one of those four positions.

Nine of them are wide receivers, though not all of them fit the profile of the tall, athletic receiver that the Bills desperately need to complement the skills of their existing group of receivers. Sammy Watkins of Clemson comes in at No. 2 overall on Jeremiah's list, with Mike Evans (14), Kelvin Benjamin (17) and Davante Adams (38) all making the list at 6'2" or taller, as well.

Four tight ends make the list, starting with Eric Ebron at No. 11. Jace Amaro of Texas Tech also sneaks into the Top 32 for Jeremiah.

A whopping seven offensive tackles crack the Top 50, including three in the Top 12: Greg Robinson of Auburn (3), Jake Matthews of Texas A&M (8) and Taylor Lewan of Michigan (12). Three more crack the Top 32.

Finally, five linebackers made the cut, though two of them - Anthony Barr and Khalil Mack, who both are listed in the Top 5 - are perhaps more natural fits as edge rushers in the NFL. C.J. Mosley of Alabama comes in at No. 9 on Jeremiah's list, which is where the Bills pick.

Days before the list was posted, Jeremiah took to Twitter to ensure that fans understood that his list is fluid at the moment, offering the following as an explanation:

Which of those four positions do you believe the Bills would be best served addressing as early as possible?