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NFL rookie allocations 2014: Buffalo Bills need $2.8 million in cap space

The Buffalo Bills are expected to have just under $19 million in cap room when the new league year begins, but how much of that space needs to be saved for rookies?


As you're running through your daily scenarios on how much money the Buffalo Bills might spend in free agency next month, make sure you're setting aside roughly $2.8 million in cap space in your calculations.

That's the early estimate for how much cap room the Bills will need to sign their seven rookies in the 2014 NFL Draft, according to a projection from Over the Cap. Their post includes different values beyond cap space - total cash allocations, signing bonus projections and the max value of the contracts - but in terms of cap value, that's the number to keep in mind for now. $2.8 million.

The same outlet just yesterday projected the Bills at just under $19 million in cap room when the 2014 league year begins at 4PM ET on March 11. (That number would obviously change if they make any roster moves between now and then.) $17.8 million of that figure is money carried over from the 2013 league year. Take out the rookie allocation, and the Bills will have roughly $16.2 million in cap space to play with on the open market in March and April.