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Buffalo Bills news, 2/21: Doug Marrone's NFL Combine press conference

Doug Marrone took the podium yesterday. And everybody wrote about it.

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Matt Warren is Associate Director of NFL coverage for SB Nation and previously covered the Bills for Buffalo Rumblings for more than a decade.

Doug Marrone Combine Press Conference - VIDEO -

"Bills Head Coach Doug Marrone talks with the media at the 2014 NFL Scouting Combine in Indianapolis."

Bills Focus: Doug Marrone Combine 1-on-1 Interview - VIDEO -

"Bills head coach Doug Marrone talks with Chris Brown at the NFL Scouting Combine in Indianapolis about the first combine with the new brass in charge, what kind of questions he likes to ask the players, and what he hopes to get out of this week."

More Marrone

Defensive changes will be subtle to promote progress -
"Most outsiders believe with new defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz coming in that Buffalo's defense is in for another scheme change. According to head coach Doug Marrone the plan is quite the opposite."

Inside The Bills | Bills head coach hopes Chandler is back
"Hopefully we can get Scott back," Marrone said. "I think Scott did a heck of a job for us. He’s in the same situation as Jairus. I talked to Scott after the year, I thought he did a great job.  I thought he was a guy who tries to lead well, he does everything we asked of him.  I’m hoping he decides to come back, I really do."

Inside The Bills | New assistants give Bills added QB acumen
Marrone: "We’ve set ourselves up where we can go ahead and get a veteran quarterback if that’s what Doug would like to do. We can draft a quarterback if that’s what Doug wants to do. Or we can stay status quo if that’s what we want to do. So we’re prepared as a staff to go in any direction."

Inside The Bills | Kolb going through medical process
"What I was told is there is a process and the medical process, he’s still going through it and we’re waiting for him to come back for another medical check, which is coming up," said Marrone.

Inside The Bills | Marrone on Byrd: "I love him"
"I told Jairus I have nothing but great things to say, nothing but great things to recommend," Marrone said, referring back to his end of the season exit interviews with Bills players. The Head Coach says the personnel department knows his feelings about Byrd.

Inside The Bills | What Bills focus is during interview process
"They rely on their area scouts to handle the background information on players and to find out more about what makes a player tick, their work ethic, their passion for the game, etc. What GM Doug Whaley, his personnel staff and head coach Doug Marrone focus on is a player’s football IQ."

Inside The Bills | Marrone excited about welcoming Stevie back
"I wound up texting Stevie and he got back to me, we had a great conversation," Marrone said. "I told Stevie, listen, I’m excited about getting started with you. I’m excited about you coming in and being healthy and getting this team going. Whatever else you’re hearing is not coming from me. But if you hear anything else make sure you call me."

Running back an underrated draft need for Bills - BN Blitz
"While the Bills shouldn't go all Bills and draft a running back in the first round for the fourth time in the past 12 years, they should consider a middle-round selection."

Doug Marrone on Pepper Johnson: Brings a lot to Buffalo Bills - ESPN
"Obviously we know a lot about him as a player," Marrone added. "I think he brings a lot to our organization, someone that's obviously been a part of five Super Bowls, has a great intensity about himself, was a great pro and I think he'll bring a lot to our football team not only in the classroom but some of the stuff on the field and off the field as this league continues to grow."

WGR 550 SportsRadio - Bills' Marrone Gave Byrd High Praise To Management
"Da'Norris is out there, we also have Duke Williams, people on our roster," Marrone said in his initial response to the question. "I think it's like anything else. If a player exits the program or leaves the program whatever it may be, unrestricted free agency, I think the first thing you do is you look on your roster to see what you have. And then after that, you can look into the unrestricted free agents that are out there. And then after that, you look at the draft."

Doug Marrone on E.J. Manuel: "He probably practiced the least" of anyone in the league | ProFootballTalk
"He played last year and really didn’t practice that much," Marrone said. "If you think about all the players that played in the league, he probably practiced the least and played. For us, the priority, just like all the players, is to make sure that we keep him healthy. It’s important for us, important for his development."

Bills coach thinks Jim Schwartz's experience as head coach will be asset in Buffalo | The Detroit News
"Especially having myself come from the offensive side of the ball most of my career, I look at people and I say to myself, 'Who did I not like going against?'" Marrone said at the NFL combine at Lucas Oil Stadium.