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Buffalo Bills' Buddy Nix on his new role with the team

Former Bills GM Buddy Nix, who is still in the team's player personnel department, shared details about his current job assignment in a recent interview.


What is former Buffalo Bills GM Buddy Nix up to these days in his role as a Special Assistant in the team's player personnel department? Thanks to an interview with Mark Wiedmer of the Chattanooga News-Free Press, we have a pretty good idea.

Nix, who stepped down as Bills GM last May to transition into his current role, is splitting his time between his home state of Tennessee and Buffalo. He tells Wiedmer that over the next several weeks, he'll be driving to several prominent pro days in the Southeast, focusing mostly on SEC schools. He's also researching unrestricted free agents for the Bills.

"I'm studying unrestricted free agents right now," Nix told Wiedmer. "I'll probably end up writing reports on 120 of them."

Nix was also asked about his tenure as Bills GM, and talked about some of the thinking behind his decisions at the helm from 2010-2013.

"We wanted to build around defense," Nix said. "And we have. But you don't get much time these days. With most teams, if the coach isn't winning by his third year, he might be gone."

Be sure to read through the whole interview, as Nix provides some interesting insight on how the Bills might view pass rusher Jerry Hughes, the pro prospects of Michael Sam, and how he works in his new role as a special assistant on Doug Whaley's staff.