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2014 NFL Draft: Buffalo Bills fans' "man crushes"

We know that you're secretly crushing on a 2014 NFL Draft prospect. Spill it. We want to know who it is.

Andy Lyons

Good morning, Buffalo Bills fans!

Today's Morning Joe! is going to be a fun one. Yes, I did use the word fun. Contrary to what many of you may think, I'm usually a positive and upbeat kind of guy, who tries to avoid confrontations at all costs. (Can you hear me snickering?)

So what's on tap for today's Morning Joe?

Every year since I've been doing this series, I've done a Joe called "Man Crushes" where you pick a guy in the upcoming NFL Draft that you have a man crush on. For our purposes, a man crush is a player (or players) that you are so infatuated with, you hope your team makes some sort of effort to select them in the upcoming draft. You may have been stalking him all season, watching videos and scouting reports, envisioning him in Bills blue making plays all over the field, and over time you finally realize that you have a major crush on the guy.

This happens to me ever year where I fall in love with a player, and I hope that my prayers are answered by the Bills by selecting him the draft. However, this year it finally got awkward for me.

What happened?

I wrote my man crushes down on a piece a paper that my wife actually found. Try explaining to your wife at 4:30 in the morning the reason why you have a list of random men's names, folded up in eights, buried deep down in your suitcase, with the words man crush on top of them. Lets just say it wasn't easy to explain, thus being the inspiration behind the timing of today's post.

So if you haven't figured it out by now, I'm going to ask you to give me your man crushes in this year's draft. Mine are listed below, and here is the video that made me fall in love.


Availability of the player or the practicality of us actually drafting them doesn't matter in the exercise. For example, your man crush could be Jadeveon Clowney. We all know there is no way that he will be available when the Bills are scheduled to pick, and we also know that it isn't practical to think we will actually trade up to get him. Also, when selecting your man crush, do not feel as if you can't select a guy because we already have a starter on our roster at that position. For example, if your crush is Teddy Bridgewater, don't feel like you can't list him because we have EJ Manuel. Lastly, if there is a guy that no one is talking about that you are crushing on, feel free to do a little write up or input a video link so that we can see the reason why he's crush worthy.

Alright, Bills fans! I'm curious to see who you are crushing on this spring. Let the fun begin.