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NFL free agency 2014: Buffalo Bills preview

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On Buffalo Rumblings Live, Matt and Brian take your questions as they preview Buffalo Bills free agency in 2014.

The Buffalo Bills enter free agency with upgrades to make and holes to fill throughout the roster. What position groups should they look at? What players fit the Bill(s) at those positions? Where do Bills fans want to see the team make moves prior to the draft? Brian and I will take your questions and comments live beginning tonight at 9:15PM ET. (Please note, the video countdown says 9:00 because Google only offers the top and bottom of the hour for start times.)

Of course, you can simply watch live but you should also feel free to participate. Ask questions in the Hangout or here in the comments section, or even just by tweeting us using the hashtag #BRLive. If you're tuning in after the Hangout has gone live, no worries! Just press play and watch it like you would any other YouTube video featuring a semi-dashing man and another dude talking about your beloved Buffalo Bills.