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2014 NFL Draft talk tonight on Buffalo Rumblings Live

Dan Kadar, SB Nation's NFL Draft expert, joins Matt Warren tonight to field questions from Buffalo Bills fans on this year's big names and what the Bills should be doing with their early-round picks. 9PM ET, right here at Buffalo Rumblings.

Whatever you're doing tonight at 9PM ET needs to be rescheduled, Buffalo Bills fans, because Dan Kadar is stopping by Buffalo Rumblings Live tonight to discuss the 2014 NFL Draft with host Matt Warren.

Anything and everything is on the table tonight. Want to ask Kadar about specific players? He knows more than most about 'em. Curious for his opinions on what the Bills should do at No. 9 and beyond? He's very likely to have opinions on those matters, as well. Wondering which teams are (and are not) likely to move up or down the board on draft day via trade? He's been projecting trades in his mock drafts for months, and has some ideas on that front as well. Whatever is on your mind, Dan can discuss it in-depth. You won't want to miss this.

The show is embedded above, and will go live tonight at 9PM ET when Matt and Dan are ready to roll. You'll also be able to watch it at YouTube or chime in via Google+, and Matt and Dan will be fielding questions from that event page, this comments section (get them in early and rec the ones you want addressed!) and via the Twitter hashtag #BRLive.

Kadar has been SB Nation's draft guru since 2008. His work has been featured in USA Today, the New York Times, Washington Post and elsewhere. You can follow him on Twitter @MockingTheDraft or by visiting SB Nation's NFL Draft headquarters, Mocking the Draft.