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Buffalo Bills news, 4/27: cheerleader details are disgusting

The curtain is being pulled back on the cheerleader problem in Buffalo, and it's disgusting.

Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

I passed the Buffalo Bills ‘jiggle test’ | New York Post

This is the most damning piece on the cheerleader situation I have read, and it comes from a former Jill. Like many of you, I believe that while the Buffalo Bills aren't "culpable," they are "responsible" for what happens to the cheerleaders, even if they aren't directly managing them. When a charity pays money to the Jills organization for cheerleaders to show up, the Bills are inherently along for the ride.

People are making a big deal about a lot of inconsequential stuff in the Jills' manual - telling young people how to eat in a formal setting isn't something to get upset over, folks - but even that doesn't bother me. Same thing with having to buy the uniform; write it off on your taxes like everyone else. Forcing Jills to attend events and be groped by men, or sit on their lap, or go in a dunk tank, or be put in any number of sexually compromising positions is wrong. I wouldn't mind seeing the Jills go away, but I'd much rather they come back in the future. They are good ambassadors. They can make the team's reach wider - as long as that reach isn't just to attract men who need to force a young lady to sit on their lap.

2014 NFL Draft

Will the Bills move up the board? -
Chris Brown opines on the titular question.

Will Bills pre-draft visitors turn into draft choices? -
"Over the last four drafts the Bills have had 117 pre-draft visitors. A total of 10 have been drafted by Buffalo for a mark eight and a half percent. Perhaps what’s more impressive is all of Buffalo’s last four first-round draft choices from 2010 to 2013 were pre-draft visitors at One Bills Drive."

QBs could be key to Buffalo Bills' top pick - ESPN
"I hope before us, four of them go," Whaley said, laughing. "I mean, this is one of the years that the QB position is so up in the air about when they will go. I can’t tell you, but I will tell you this: If four of them go, we’ll be ready. If none of them go, we’ll be ready."

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