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Buffalo Bills news, 6/1: can Buffalo support a new stadium?

Can the city of Buffalo support a new stadium with its corporate base?

Brody Wheeler

Concept of a new stadium for Bills is basically flawed - City & Region - The Buffalo News

"The Bills’ current stadium doesn’t suffer from a lack of luxury boxes, club seats or other profit-padding extras. The problem – and this is why a new stadium doesn’t make sense – is the scarcity of deep-pocketed corporations and rich folks around here to buy more of them. It’s not a problem of supply. It’s a problem of demand."

The basic premise of this article is sound: taxpayers are going to be paying for the new owner to line his pockets, and that means increased prices and revenue. The above point about demand for luxury boxes also makes sense - the Bills have had problems in the past selling out those boxes - but it also ignores the fact that some potential corporate sponsors might come to a Bills game and purchase a box if it was in a different location or more upscale. Surveys will be done, and time will tell.

Bills clicks

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