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Buffalo Rumblings Live: soliciting Buffalo Bills topic ideas

We need your help to get through a long offseason covering the Buffalo Bills.

Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

Since late December, we've been bringing you video chats at least every two weeks on Buffalo Rumblings Live. As we enter the true offseason for the Buffalo Bills, we are looking for topics and need to know what you folks are interested in. Here are some starters I think you might be interested in, but between now and the start of training camp, we'll talk about whatever you want:

  • Around the AFC East: one-on-one conversations with the other SB Nation bloggers on division rivals.
  • New stadium talk with a guest in the know.
  • Run through the schedule featuring shorter Q&A s with each opponent's SB Nation blogger prior to the upcoming season.
  • You pick the person, I try to book them. If you want to chat with a member of the media or one of the members at Buffalo Rumblings about any topic, bring it up in the comments.
Don't be shy. We want to make this interactive, and we want the shows to have viewers. If you see a comment you like, give it a rec. The more recs or duplicates, the more likely I am to pursue that possibility. Thanks, Rumblers!