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Buffalo Bills news, 6/15: Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day, Buffalo Rumblings!


Preston & Mike Brown: A father-son football story -

"Rookie LB Preston Brown laughs about it now, but his father Mike knew exactly how to deliver the basics of football to his six-year old son."

Blog roll

Gleason's Sporting World: Bills think more beer equals more fun |
"I'm tempted to question whether anyone associated with the idea has a marginal allotment of working brain cells. But I must assume the brainstorm has almost nothing to do with family atmosphere and almost everything to do with family revenue."

Time to Fight Buffalo's Institutionalized Hopelessness - BillsMafia
Every time someone presents the bad side of the stadium debate, Matt Sabuda wants them to present positives, too.

The Way Too Early 53-Man Buffalo Bills Roster Projection | Bills Mafia -- #BillsMafia
Bye bye Ron Brooks and T.J. Graham among Ryan Talbot's roster prediction.

Projecting Buffalo's Wide Receiver Stats | Bills Mafia -- #BillsMafia
The numbers for EJ Manuel will make some folks happy, while a three-headed attack from Mike Williams, Robert Woods, and Sammy Watkins each top 40 catches and 500 yards.

‘What If’ the Bills had beaten the Steelers in the 2004 finale? | Cover32
"First off, for the most part teams who make the playoffs don’t cut their Quarterbacks in the offseason, so most likely Drew Bledsoe is still the QB in 2005. Making the playoffs also would afford the general manager and head coach some more leeway so Donahue and Mularkey are most likely not gone at the close of the 2005 season. If they are not fired then the Dick Jauron era never begins."

Sophomore Spotlight: Jonathan Meeks | Buffalo Bills Draft
"A candidate to get playing time at safety, or a candidate to be cut?"

One more thing...

Who has a good Father's Day Buffalo Bills story to share? I'm pretty sure most of us do. I listened to the Greatest Comeback in NFL History with my dad while we were cleaning the basement. I remember jumping up and down when Steve Christie booted it through. We just threw out that massive radio this winter, and it brought back a bunch of memories.

What's your story?