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Buffalo Bills news, 6/25: stop it, Donald Trump

Every time Donald Trump talks about potentially owning the Buffalo Bills, he becomes exponentially less likely to hold the title. Even still, he has now officially reached annoying status regarding the issue.

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Mike Stobe

(Buffalo News) Cuomo expresses doubts about need for new Bills stadium
Andrew Cuomo doesn't really say anything new here, noting that a new stadium will be contingent on what the new owner and the league desire, and posturing for the possibility of not having to build one. Stick through it, though, for his reaction to the Trump nonsense.

(Buffalo News) Renderings: Proposal for old Seneca Mall site
Reminder: this is the project being put together by Scott Congel, the reported business partner in the Tom Golisano ownership bid. Right now, this project does not include plans for a new Bills stadium, but if Golisano's bid comes close, this is the area where a new stadium could happen.

( Stadium construction update: 6/24
Anna Stolzenburg runs through the Ralph Wilson Stadium renovations point by point, providing status updates on seemingly every ongoing project at One Bills Drive.

(FOX) Power Rankings: Rating the likability of every NFL franchise
Oh, no... the Bills have pulled the Chicago Cubs comparison.

( Time for a developmental league-JMS 6/24
Last night's The John Murphy Show included guests Preston Brown and ex-Bills linebacker Jay Foreman, but FXFL commissioner Brian Woods was the highlight.

( Camp Countdown: How practices with the Steelers will help
Yeah, this is all well and good; let's hope none of it is trumped by an injury. Anyone remember the Tom Brady knee scare from a year ago when New England was practicing with Tampa Bay?

Player analysis

(USA Today) Bills report: Playoff drought, ownership change hang over club
Lorenzo Reyes checks in with the type of top-down, general synopsis of the Bills that you'd expect to see a bit later on this summer, when football is closer to returning.

( Jerry Hughes primed for big role in Buffalo Bills' 2014 defense
Rob Quinn makes the comparison between Jerry Hughes and Cliff Avril to postulate that a player of Hughes' ability can thrive under Jim Schwartz.

( Darrelle Revis, Joe Flacco among most fascinating players in '14
Adam Schein, who notoriously has a soft spot for the Bills, considers EJ Manuel one of the nine most fascinating players in the NFL entering the 2014 season.

( Buffalo Bills Bubble Watch: Dustin Hopkins
Mike Rodak gives kicker Dustin Hopkins a 40 percent chance of making the Bills' final roster as a kickoff specialist. Is that a good ballpark for his odds?

(ESPN) Fantasy Now: Trent Richardson vs. C.J. Spiller
Look, I'm a red-blooded American man. I therefore love fantasy football. But holy smokes, is fantasy football coverage - all of it - horrendous.

'90s week

( Sep. 1, 1996: Overtime Win vs. Giants
Please, everyone, avoid the jokes about last-second kicks against the Giants. This one went in Buffalo's favor in 1996.

( Dec. 8, 1991: Overtime Win vs. Raiders
Please, everyone, avoid the jokes about Scott Norwood attempting a last-second, game-winning kick for the Bills. This one went in favor of Buffalo, giving them an OT win after trailing by 13 in the fourth quarter.

( Sep. 8, 1991: Beebe's 4 TD's vs. Steelers
With two Hall of Fame receivers on that same roster, it's sometimes easy to forget how good Don Beebe was.

( Top five things you need to know about the 1990s
This video starts with a few small anecdotes about the K-Gun offense.

( Aikman-Irvin, Young-Rice among best QB-WR duos of the 1990s
None of these six chuckleheads gave a vote to Kelly-Reed being the best duo of the '90s. (Which is probably fair, I guess, but still... chuckleheads.)

(The Morning Call) Hall of Famers have advice for Andre Reed as they participate in his fifth annual celebrity golf tourney
Reed received advice from Bruce Smith, John Randle, and Eric Dickerson. This is an excellent read, despite the far-too-lengthy headline. (Eight to 10 words, people!)