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Buffalo Bills news, 6/27: Sammy Watkins, EJ Manuel working on rapport

Also within today's links: the agelessness of Fred Jackson, some more information on Marcell Dareus' pre-trial intervention, and more fond memories from '90s week.

Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

( Bills' Sammy Watkins, EJ Manuel still developing trust
This quote from Sammy Watkins - "I could be wide open, and if he don't feel it, or if I run it a different type of way, he won't throw the ball" - is sure to be taken out of context, and then overreacted to, somewhere. Be prepared.

( For Fred Jackson, age doesn't matter
Fred Jackson may be 33 years old, but his career workload better resembles that of a 25-year-old starting running back. This is a fun read.

( Seven things to watch before training camp
This league-wide article mentions a potential Marcell Dareus suspension as something to keep an eye out for before camps start.

( Marcell Dareus headed toward pretrial intervention program for spice-possession charge
Rod Giddens, attorney for Dareus, offers a few more hints at the pre-trial intervention program that Dareus is expected to be accepted into. It does not sound like the program will interfere with Dareus' ability to participate in training camp next month.

( Camp Countdown: 5 offensive players to watch
Why not watch all of them? This article focuses more on under-the-radar guys.

( Buffalo Bills Bubble Watch: T.J. Graham
Shhh... no one show this to cush2push.

( Bills bring Original Pizza Logs to Ralph Wilson Stadium
Judging by the reaction to this news on Twitter yesterday, Buffalonians have an unhealthy, feverish desire to consume pizza logs every waking moment.

(Forbes) Amid franchise uncertainty, Bills tickets least expensive in NFL
Not only do the Bills have the least expensive tickets in the NFL, they earn that mark by a pretty huge margin. Go buy them, Bills fans. Individual game tickets are on sale today.

( Mike Williams’ dunk contest
The obligatory "let's post something basketball related during the NBA Draft" post.

'90s week

( Jan. 12, 1992: AFC Championship vs. Broncos
Carlton. Bailey.

( Jan. 15, 1994: Coldest Home Game vs. Raiders
My dad was at this game. We were living in Pennsylvania at the time, I was only seven years old, and was therefore not permitted to make the trip up. Probably for the best; I was a skinny little dude. Bill Brooks was awesome in this game.

( Jan. 23, 1994: AFC Championship vs. Chiefs
The Bills crushed Joe Montana and the Chiefs, 30-13, to advance to their fourth straight Super Bowl. Thurman Thomas (186 rushing yards, three touchdowns) did most of the heavy lifting.

( Dec. 17, 1995: Division Clinching Win vs. Dolphins
A year after a 7-9 1994 campaign broke a Super Bowl streak, the Bills bounced back to re-claim the AFC East division crown in 1995.

( "It was just absolutely remarkable" JMS 6/26
Mark Kelso was on this episode of The John Murphy Show, and has apparently published a guide on how to watch game film that I'll probably be looking into and/or buying immediately.