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Buffalo Bills news, 6/29: a better Sammy Watkins headline

After two straight days of over-the-top headlines stemming from innocuous Sammy Watkins quotes, gets one right.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

(Buffalo News) Erin Kelly’s Fan Journal: What it means to be a Bills fan
Andre Reed pseudo-threatening Erin Kelly's high school boyfriend is the best thing you'll read about this morning.

( Sammy Watkins: No extra motivation for Browns -
See, now that's a headline that not even Donte Whitner could lose his cool over... and yet, this line is still in the article: "The Browns' decision to pass on Watkins will be a subplot to track in the coming seasons."

( Camp Countdown: 3 reasons the Bills should be better in the red zone
Let's hope they pay off.

(Florida Today) Brevard's Broomfield will have to prove himself
Interesting note on undrafted free agent Deon Broomfield: if he can't make the final roster, he already has a coaching job lined up at Ohio Wesleyan.

(FOX) Bills among NFL teams working with MADD to curb alcohol-related issues
Missed this one a couple of days ago, and it's an interesting read, given the team's recent attempt to sell beer before Noon on Sundays.