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Buffalo Bills news, 6/3: Jim Kelly tournament brings out the stars

Jim Kelly's annual golf tournament brought out the stars - even with the namesake absent as he recovers from intensive cancer treatments.


Sammy Watkins shoulders heavy load for Bills fans, players -

"Can Sammy Watkins be the Buffalo Bills savior? A lot is being asked of the young man as he embarks on his NFL career. From the death of Ralph Wilson meaning the team could move to the health of Jim Kelly, Bills fans need Watkins to be his elite talented self in 2014."

Sammy Watkins’ raw talent, limited route tree might be the best fit for Buffalo’s offense | Audibles -

With so much of Clemson's offense built on pre-snap motion or Watkins' athletic ability, he didn't have to use much of the route tree to gain separation, says Doug Farrar. Farrar looks back at Doug Marrone's last year in Syracuse to see how Watkins might fit in Buffalo's system.

Jim Kelly

28th Annual Jim Kelly Celebrity Classic - VIDEO -
"Jim Kelly's battle against cancer kept him from attending his annual golf tournament, but he had friends and family at Terry Hills Golf Course to support him." Lots of friends talking about their relationship and Kelly's health.

Without Kelly, the show goes on - Sports - The Buffalo News
"Many of the Bills’ all-time greats were there, including Andre Reed, Thurman Thomas, Bruce Smith, Marv Levy, Joe DeLamielleure, Fred Smerlas, Phil Hansen, Booker Edgerson, Ruben Brown, Tasker and Polian. Numerous current Bills played, as did team owner Mary Wilson. Besides Marino, Hall of Famers Anthony Munoz, John Randle and Chris Doleman were in the field."

WGR 550 SportsRadio - Friends, Former Teammates Show Support At Jim Kelly Classic
"From day one when Jim was diagnosed, one of the first things he said was ‘make sure we have the golf tournament and make sure we have the football camp no matter what happens,’" Dan Kelly told reporters. "We're committed to that for Jim, and with Jim."

Jim Kelly gets a visit from Dan Marino -
See video of Dan Marino visiting Jim Kelly for the first time since his chemotherapy.

Dan Marino emotional when talking about the gravity of Jim Kelly's condition - BN Blitz - The Buffalo News
"You're so used to seeing Jim as a strong man," Marino said. "But he's going to get better. All we can do is pray for him and hope for the best."

Dareus arrest

Bills lineman Marcell Dareus faces charges after Hamburg car race - City & Region - The Buffalo News
"Buffalo Bills defensive tackle Marcell Dareus was arrested last week by Hamburg town police on three misdemeanor and four vehicle and traffic charges, apparently in connection with a car race, according to sources."

Bills DT Marcell Dareus' absurd behavior is obnoxiously redundant - BN Blitz - The Buffalo News
Tim Graham notes that Marcell Dareus has a hard time learning from his mistakes, often repeating them within just a few days.

Laying out the Buffalo Bills' options with Marcell Dareus - ESPN
In addition to the legal system keeping him off the field in 2014, Mike Rodak runs through several options for Dareus from keeping him on the squad to releasing him today.

Bills clicks

What We Learned from Bills QB EJ Manuel's 2013 Season | Bleacher Report
Erik Frenz has this nice breakdown of EJ Manuel's progression throughout the season. If I'm linking to Bleacher Report, know that it's worth a look. It's a very in-depth piece with nice GIFs to support.

Bills sign C MacPherson -
"MacPherson is reunited with his college coach in Bills head coach Doug Marrone."

Spikes capably leading in new surroundings -
"In New England it’s a little bit more complex, but here it gives you an opportunity to just play football, you know?" Spikes said. "Just be relentless, go all-out, get to the ball and make plays. You’ve got a responsibility and that is primary but at the same time you get to just go all out and play, that’s what I love about it."

Inside The Bills | Chandler progressing well
"I’m progressing back in rehab and stuff, feeling a lot better," said Chandler. "It’s been a big step for me, got to get in there a little bit more with the team work."

Ex-players agree Bills should remain in WNY - The Daily News Online: Sports
"What they’re doing to the stadium in the offseason, it’s phenomenal. It’s really, really transformative what they’ve done to the stadium," said former Bills special teams great Steve Tasker, now a broadcaster for CBS. "The fans aren’t going to feel they need a new stadium. I think that’s going to be an issue going forward."