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Doug Marrone Buffalo Bills approval poll: June 2014

There is still plenty to discuss on the program Doug Marrone is running with the Buffalo Bills, even though we're approaching the dark period of the NFL offseason. This may or may not be a bad thing.

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

The last time we ran an approval poll and held a general-sentiments discussion about Buffalo Bills head coach Doug Marrone, it was the day after Super Bowl XLVIII. Most of that vote and debate centered around the coaching staff changes that Marrone had made, with his replacing Mike Pettine with Jim Schwartz at defensive coordinator the primary focus.

Clearly, in terms of tangible job function, we're in the dry part of the calendar year for a NFL head coach. Marrone and his staff have been conducting offseason conditioning programs and, more recently, OTAs; next week, the team's lone mandatory minicamp of the offseason will take place, and in less than two months training camp begins.

His influence should be counted, to some degree (probably a rather large one), in the team's long list of offseason roster moves. Most of the credit for that work lands at the feet of GM Doug Whaley, but naturally, Marrone will have been involved in decisions ranging in scale from letting Jairus Byrd hit unrestricted free agency and trading up to draft Sammy Watkins, to taking on character projects like Mike Williams and Brandon Spikes, to typical back-end shuffling of undrafted and street free agents.

That bit about the character concern players, and Marrone's apparent willingness to put up with a lot, is of particular relevance now, what with the two arrests for Marcell Dareus - a player that Marrone twice suspended last season - making headlines. Depending on how those situations shake out legally, any disciplinary decisions that Marrone makes for one of his star young players will likely be closely scrutinized.

Without an awful lot to go on at the moment, what are your thoughts on Marrone as the Bills' head coach moving into his second training camp with the team?