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Buffalo Bills news, 7/1: Marcell Dareus in Hamburg Town Court

Also on the docket in today's Bills news: more hints that bidders in Toronto are coming to grips with the notion that the Bills might be hard to remove from Buffalo.

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

(Albany Times Union) Bills' Dareus due in court in alleged race crash
Marcell Dareus is scheduled to be in Hamburg Town Court today, where he'll face charges stemming from his alleged late May race and crash.

(WGR 550) 6/30 Ron Jaworski on WGR
Here is Ron Jaworski's interview on WGR 550 from Monday, in which he discussed the idea that Jon Bon Jovi might not be planning to move the Bills to Toronto if he buys them, after all.

(Toronto Sun) Exclusive: Rogers won't lead second Toronto group bidding for Bills
This article is super long given the hard news it's delivering, so don't feel bad if you bow out after the first couple of paragraphs. You won't have missed much.

( Camp Countdown: Who will be the primary kick returner?
The answer is Marquise Goodwin. I can't fathom why the Bills would even open this spot up to competition. Put Goodwin back there, take off the training wheels, give him some halfway decent blocking, and watch him change the game.

( Bills Running Game: The Whole is Greater than the Sum of Its Parts
The premise of this article: individually, the Bills' four runners have flaws, but as a group, they are essentially indomitable. That would be nice.

( Buffalo Bills Bubble Watch: Corbin Bryant
The interesting thing to me about Corbin Bryant is that people assume he's locked in at tackle, while a strikingly similar athlete, Jarius Wynn, is touted for his versatility to play end. Why couldn't Bryant be the same kind of end Wynn can be?

( Buffalo Bills Training Camp Preview: 5 Position Battles To Watch Closely
Y'all love these types of posts. For now, anyway; they'll be a bit rote in a couple of weeks, when camp is oh-so-close to beginning. Get in while you can.

( Best and worst first-round NFL draft picks of the 2000s
Two of the "worst" picks were made by the Bills - you get one wild guess to name those names - and two more "worst" picks were both eventually Bills quarterbacks, as well.