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Buffalo Bills news, 7/2: Kiko Alonso injury reactions

Kiko Alonso probably isn't going to suit up for the Bills in 2014, and that has everyone - from fans, to reporters, to teammates - reeling from the news.

Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

On the field

(Buffalo News) Bills’ Alonso injures knee; team expects him to miss season
Tim Graham: "Kiko Alonso is human."

( Buffalo Bills' summer shattered by Kiko Alonso's loss
Mike Rodak's column on the Alonso injury, the impact it has on the Bills' defense, and how the Bills might replace their only every-down linebacker.

( Buffalo Bills concerned Kiko Alonso suffered torn ACL is, as of this morning, still reporting Alonso's injury from a "Bills fear that" angle. But if you read the tweets to Ian Rapoport from Bills sources, it's clear that they are unbelievably bummed like the rest of us.

( Bills linebacker Kiko Alonso reportedly out for season with knee injury
Welcome to the beat, Matthew Fairburn. Way to start out with a bang?

( Bills Focus: Manuel readies for sophomore jump
Maybe it's the cynic in me, but this seems like a video feature that maybe, just maybe, was supposed to be published closer to July 20, and not today. Regardless, this is a worthy watch.

( Camp Countdown: How will Watkins help the pass game most?

( Buffalo Bills Bubble Watch: Seantrel Henderson
Rodak gives Seantrel Henderson a 55 percent chance of making the Bills' final roster. Do those odds seem a bit ambitious to anyone else?

( Touchback percentage made returns difficult
Not all of this was circumstantial - the Bills elected to eat a healthy number of returnable kicks - but yeah, the NFL has ruined the kickoff.

( Report: NFL bans non-traditional facemasks
It's looking like Brandon Spikes, and likely a handful of his new Bills teammates, will need to choose a new facemask for the 2014 season.

( AFC East summer school
I tried, and failed. Can anyone out there take Shawne Merriman seriously as a NFL analyst? (He does his part to talk up the Bills, though!)

Off the field

(Buffalo News) Dareus declines plea in Hamburg incident
Dareus and his attorney could have pled guilty to reckless driving to settle charges; instead, he'll be back in court in early September, hoping to have all charges settled or dismissed then.

(All Sports WNY) Buffalo Bills will stay in town
If you're feeling down, this headline is the perfect antidote for you.

(Buffalo News) Cuomo to be ‘personally involved’ in keeping Bills here
Well, of course he is; this article simply conveys a reaffirmation of such on Cuomo's part following the resignation of Howard Glaser, and the scheduled exit from office for Robert Duffy.

(Democrat and Chronicle) Judge won't dismiss cheerleader suit against Bills
The Bills had motioned to dismiss the lawsuit, which was denied. The lawsuit, therefore, will move forward.

(Pro Football Talk) Bills remain confident of victory in cheerleader lawsuit
Nice one, Mike Florio, starting off your coverage of the Bills' cheerleader lawsuit with a wide right joke. Uncharted territory, that.

(Buffalo News) Texas A&M threatens lawsuit against Bills fan’s website
Texas A&M asked a Bills website owner - a double amputee and cancer survivor - to change the name of his website, Facebook page, and remove over 250 posters from restaurants and bars that reference "the 12th man," which A&M has copyrighted.