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Reported Buffalo Bills ownership bid amounts incorrect, per different report

Tim Graham of The Buffalo News is reporting that earlier reports of initial bids reaching as high as 1.3 billion dollars are, in fact, false.

John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Spo

When the early, non-binding bid process for the next Buffalo Bills owner closed on Tuesday, folks were immediately interested in how much each bid was worth in addition to who was doing the bidding. Reports had Terry Pegula and Jon Bon Jovi's Toronto group well ahead of Donald Trump. Those reports aren't being disputed, but another aspect is.

In a series of tweets citing two sources, Tim Graham of The Buffalo News says that the reported $1.3 billion offer from Pegula, the $1.2 billion bid from the Toronto group, and the $1 billion bid from Trump were incorrect figures. He specifically mentioned the Toronto group's number as being far too high.

Graham also noted that since the bids were to be kept confidential, there shouldn't be anyone reporting the bid numbers right now - which is why he didn't correct with a solid number.

The likeliest reason people are reporting numbers at this time is to scare off other groups or display power. The largest purchase price for a team in NFL history is $1.1 billion, and even in a unique bidding process, starting your bid above that would seem to be a showing your hand too early, to extend Graham's metaphor.