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Buffalo Bills news, 7/4: Bills sale bidding process underway

Potential Bills owners now have access to team finances, and initial bids are due July 29. Plus: Donte Whitner ruins Twitter for an evening, more talk about Preston Brown, and an ex-Bill makes's Top 20 players of the 2000s list, believe it or not.

Mike Stobe

Happy Independence Day, Buffalo Rumblings! May your meats be grilled, your beverages be chilled, and your freedom be fulfilled on this glorious day in Western New York.

( July 4 in Bills history: Rich Stadium hosts Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, Grateful Dead
Guys, if a new Bills owner pledges to build a new Bills stadium, there needs to be one last July 4 concert at The Ralph. That beloved building cannot go out having last hosted Sting.

Bills sale

(Buffalo News) Potential buyers get access to Bills’ financial books
You have one guess at which potential Bills owner - who I'll remind you has signed a non-disclosure agreement - disclosed that he received access to the Bills' finances.

(Toronto Sun) What's next in Bills sale process
Some interesting information here from Marc Ganis, but be careful - some of it may not necessarily apply to the sale of the Bills. This links also includes a tidbit from WGRZ's Adam Benigni, indicating that initial bids are due by July 29.

Team links

( Buffalo Bills linebacker Preston Brown ready for increased role after Kiko Alonso injury
What did Preston Brown do when he heard about the Kiko Alonso injury? Said a prayer for his teammate, then hit his playbook hard, making sure he knows all three linebacker positions.

( Could Preston Brown replace Kiko Alonso for Bills?
Mike Mayock on Brown: "I thought he could play three downs. He's a bit of a throwback type of player."

( Buffalo Bills Bubble Watch: Ty Powell
Ty Powell having a 75 percent chance of making the Bills' final roster strikes me as an underestimation after this week's news.

( Camp Countdown: 3 ways Mike Williams will help the passing game
One of those ways is "film savvy," which is a new thing that I learned about today.

( Bills Focus: Mike Williams a Red Zone Threat
A companion video piece on Williams, who talks about his ability to high-point the ball and, more interestingly, the benefits of his return to Buffalo.

( NFL Nation: 4 Downs - AFC East
ESPN's AFC East bloggers go over some general talking points, covering all four teams in the process. Tread lightly, though: James Walker is Miami's reporter.

( Rookie Confessional: Sammy Watkins
Sammy Watkins is looking forward to competing against New England's new starting cornerbacks, Darrelle Revis and Brandon Browner.

More links

(Buffalo News) Kelly’s colleagues awed by his spirit, strength
Steve Young, Ken O'Brien, Mark Richt, and Howard Schnellenberger speak with Tim Graham about their relationships with, and what they've learned from, Jim Kelly.

( Tom Brady, Drew Brees among top 20 NFL players of the 2000s
There's a Bill on the list! Yeah, it's Terrell Owens. He counts, okay?

( Browns safety Donte Whitner taunts Buffalo Bills fans on Twitter about relocation
Matthew Fairburn only covers the tip of the iceberg here regarding what went down with Donte Whitner on Twitter on Thursday night. He took on Darryl Talley and his wife, Janine, too, in ways that I'm not wholly comfortable talking about on this site. Look into it if you want. It was ugly, weird, and one of those nights where the arguments that people who refuse to join Twitter make start to sound really logical. Memo to Bills fans on Twitter: life is better when you don't follow players.