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Buffalo Bills training camp 2014: Day 17 open thread

T-minus three days until Bills training camp is in the books. Follow along with coverage of today's third-to-last session right here.

Jason Bridge-USA TODAY Sports

On Monday evening, at the start of their final week of training camp, the Buffalo Bills made a series of intriguing lineup changes with their top units on offense and defense. The team suddenly had new faces in new places over most of their offensive line, were rotating in a series of reserve defensive tackles with the ones, and were even tinkering with some prominent members of their defensive backfield, too.

That means that, as the team takes the field for a 2:00 p.m. practice on Tuesday, we'll be watching closely to see if names like Seantrel Henderson, Erik Pears, Corey Graham, and Duke Williams continue to play where they played on Monday evening, or if more shuffling continues. We're well under two weeks away from final cut-down day - the Bills have already released Edawn Coughman and Kevin Elliott today, by the way - and it's officially crunch time for some of these big-picture decisions.

You know the drill: the Twitter list will update live throughout the afternoon, and we'll wrap everything up once the session is complete.