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Doug Marrone, Jerry Hughes argue as Buffalo Bills run sprints after another training camp fight

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Doug Marrone lit up his team during the final practice of training camp and one defensive starter didn't like it. Guess how that went.

Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

Doug Marrone was fed up. The Buffalo Bills had fought with each other for two straight days. On Wednesday, it was directly in front of news cameras. On Thursday, he was done.

Without fans in attendance, the media got a not-safe-for-work peek at Marrone's temper after another altercation in practice Thursday. While the team ran wind sprints, he cursed them out for fighting, speaking to the integrity of the game and respect for fellow players and coaches.

"You're going to get fined by the (expletive) league," Marrone said via "Get your (expletive) right."

Starting defensive end Jerry Hughes didn't like the punishment, and let the head coach know. Hughes was vocal that the fighting was a good thing after Wednesday's scuffle. Marrone responded to Hughes saying, "you don't have to play on this team." The two later spoke calmly before the coach's press conference.

The Bills have a walk-through tomorrow before traveling back to Orchard Park for the remainder of the preseason. Perhaps the extra long camp finally got to the players this week.