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Buffalo Rumblings Live: Del Reid (Bills Mafia) on quarterbacks, roster cuts

Del Reid of the Bills Mafia joins us tonight to discuss the Buffalo Bills' quarterback situation, the preseason, and the roster cuts that will come down later this week.

Matt Warren is Associate Director of NFL coverage for SB Nation and previously covered the Bills for Buffalo Rumblings for more than a decade.

This week on Buffalo Rumblings Live, we're joined by Del Reid, leader of the Bills Mafia fan movement that has taken over in Western New York. We're nearing the start of the season, and in this episode will look back on training camp and the preseason. We'll discuss the quarterback situation, the initial roster trim, as well as final cuts coming this weekend. Del also has a special announcement from he'll share.

In November of 2010, following Stevie Johnson's overtime drop and subsequent tweet discussing God, the seeds of the #BillsMafia movement were sown by chance after trying to one-up each other making fun of Adam Schefter, who reported the tweet 24 hours after it had been typed. From the hashtag #SchefterBreakingNews defending Stevie sprang an entire movement dedicated to "unifying Bills fans across Twitter, Facebook, and the world."

As is our custom on Buffalo Rumblings Live, your questions and comments for Del are welcome, and we encourage you to leave them throughout the day so that we have a nice, healthy supply to choose from for the show. See you at nine!