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Buffalo Bills vs. Detroit Lions, preseason 2014: first half open thread

Sammy Watkins and EJ Manuel will play, but for how long?

Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

Sammy Watkins and EJ Manuel will suit up and play some snaps tonight as the Buffalo Bills host the Detroit Lions for the fifth and final game of the 2014 preseason. Many Lions starters are sitting out so most of their snaps will be against a mash-up of the first and second teams as defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz faced his old team.

Among the inactives are Scott Chandler and Chris Williams, so Chris Gragg and Cyril Richardson will get the start on offense.

This is your open thread for the first half of tonight's game; we'll open up a second-half thread during halftime, as usual, and if anything major happens, we'll have a post to cover that, as well.

Let's continue to hope for no injuries to any players as the preseason winds up. The next time you see the Bills, it will be in a real game against the Chicago Bears in Week 1.