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Buffalo Rumblings Live: Hall of Fame weekend recap with Sal Capaccio

Sal Capaccio from WGR 550 in Buffalo joins us tonight to discuss Andre Reed's Hall of Fame weekend and the Bills' preseason loss to the Giants.

The Buffalo Bills had a pretty big weekend between Andre Reed entering the Pro Football Hall of Fame and opening the season in the Hall of Fame Game. We respond with an equally big guest on Buffalo Rumblings Live by welcoming Sal Capaccio from WGR 550 tonight at 9:00 p.m. ET.

We'll spend a considerable amount of time discussing Reed's speech from Saturday night (even if our entire show will probably be shorter than his speech) and the rest of the weekend's festivities. Sal was there, broadcasting live from Fawcett Stadium as Reed took his rightful place among the legends.

Last night's preseason game will also be on the docket, as the Bills fell to the New York Giants, 17-13. We promise not to overreact, but we'll discuss some surprises and generalities from the preseason opener.

In addition to our conversation, we'll take questions from you right here in the comments section. You can start leaving them now. We look forward to talking with you tonight!