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Pick one Buffalo Bills player to start your fantasy championship run

Hypothetical: your fantasy football league has mandated that you draft a Bills player with your first-round pick, and you sit at No. 1 overall. Who are you taking?

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Jason Miller

As the 2014 NFL regular season draws ever closer, so does the start of fantasy football season. Since you're here, reading your favorite Buffalo Bills blog, it's time to stop denying something: that, regardless of how it hampers your fantasy success, you can't not have at least one Bill on your roster.

Which brings us to today's discussion-starter: if you were forced to build your fantasy football team around one Bills player this season, who would it be?

The running backs would be a good place to start; a healthy C.J. Spiller will be a tantalizing early-round option for owners despite his down year last season, and Fred Jackson will be a coveted mid-to-late round pick thanks to his nine rushing touchdowns from a year ago.

Sammy Watkins will end up being one of the first few rookie players selected, though he'll be picked a bit later on than most thanks to questions surrounding EJ Manuel and the quarterback position. Robert Woods and Mike Williams might get some attention, as well, as could tight end Scott Chandler.

Maybe you're keen on avoiding the offense altogether, and are instead planning on picking up the Bills' defense and special teams. They were one of the better units in fantasy a year ago, racking up 57 sacks and 23 interceptions, and even with a forthcoming scheme change, they still have the potential to pile up stats.

Your task, one more time, is this: pick one Bill to build your fantasy team around. Go.

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