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Buffalo Bills training camp 2014: Day 12 open thread

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Two days after their preseason opener and three days prior to their next exhibition game, the Buffalo Bills are back on the training camp practice field this evening for session No. 12 of the 2014 season.

Jason Miller

After a memorable weekend in Canton - more so from an organizational standpoint than from the 2014 version of the team's, to be certain - the Buffalo Bills are back on the practice field this evening at St. John Fisher.

By now, you know our training camp drill: the Twitter list embedded below will include all pertinent updates and notes on the team's training camp session this evening. After the evening has concluded, we'll comb through everything and pick out the most noteworthy stuff, and if something especially newsworthy occurs, we'll break that out into a separate post.

Kick back, chat, and we'll talk to you a bit later about tonight's practice.