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Bills vs. Panthers, preseason 2014: second half open thread

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The Bills lead the Panthers 13-6 at halftime in Carolina, and we're talking about the second half of the preseason game right here.

Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

At halftime of preseason game No. 2, the Buffalo Bills lead the Carolina Panthers on the road, 13-6.

Anthony Dixon recorded a second-quarter touchdown run from the one-yard line for the Bills' lone trip to the end zone of the first half, though they had opportunities to do so in the first quarter. Fred Jackson was thwarted on back-to-back runs inside the five-yard line on a strong opening possession for the first-team offense, but that drive came up empty.

Despite a solid outing for starting quarterback E.J. Manuel (9-of-13, 96 yards), the Bills' top offense was only able to produce three points on as many drives. Dan Carpenter added two field goals (and missed a third) to round out the scoring.

Defensively, Buffalo's top group gave up one touchdown drive; Kelvin Benjamin caught a 29-yard touchdown over Stephon Gilmore on a play that Gilmore didn't finish after Benjamin tripped, but other than a few drive-sustaining scrambles by Derek Anderson, the group once again looked solid. (Carolina missed the extra point on that Benjamin touchdown, leading to the 13-6 score.)

This is your open thread for the second half. Go Bills!