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Buffalo Rumblings Live: Tim Graham talks about Buffalo Bills sale

Tim Graham of the Buffalo News broke the story of Terry and Kim Pegula buying the Buffalo Bills. We had him answer all your burning questions.

On Tuesday, it was announced that Terry and Kim Pegula were going to be the next owners of the Buffalo Bills. The reporter who broke the story - along with countless other stories in the sale process since Ralph Wilson died this Spring - was Tim Graham of The Buffalo News. On Wednesday, he joined us to talk about the sale process and what will be happening next.

In August, Graham nailed the $1.4 billion price tag the team would eventually sell for while on Buffalo Rumblings Live. How did he first learn the deal was done? How was the final sale price determined? How will Kim Pegula manage the team as controlling owner? Who else placed a bid? Will the Pegulas clean house? We address all these questions and more in the video.

You can read all of Buffalo Rumblings' coverage of the sale of the Bills from the beginning by clicking here.