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2015 NFL Draft, Buffalo Bills prospects: Week 3 college football chat

Wondering how to spend your Saturday? Here's your weekly viewing list of the best college football.

Scott Cunningham

It had to happen at some point - sometimes the schedules align to create a dud of a week. For this week, I'm going to start you off by not recommending a noon game. I'll list a couple options here in case you really want to watch something, but none of the options really interest me. If you need to get some things off the to-do list so you have an uninterrupted Buffalo Bills game tomorrow, the early part of Saturday might be the best time to take care of that.

  • You could watch East Carolina take on Virginia Tech on ESPN. East Carolina only really has one draftable prospect, so it might be interesting to see how Justin Hardy, the senior receiver, plays against a strong defense that just beat Ohio State.
  • UCF at Missouri might be an interesting option, if you get the SEC Network. I try to stick to the major networks for my recommendations, though.
  • In most of the country, you can watch Ohio State against Kent State on ABC. With Braxton Miller out and Carlos Hyde gone, the Buckeye offense has taken a major hit, and their defense just lost a top prospect in Noah Spence due to another drug violation. Suddenly, I'm not all that excited to watch.
  • On ESPNews, you can catch Syracuse at Central Michigan. Sean Hickey is a good tackle prospect for the Orange, and the matchup between Durell Eskridge and CMU receiver Titus Davis might be worthwhile.

#6 Georgia at #24 South Carolina

3:30 p.m. ET

Fortunately we have at least one head to head matchup with some teeth this week. Both of these teams have plenty of talent, and there will be some highlight reel plays.

On Georgia's side, the two superstars to watch are running back Todd Gurley and pass rushing linebacker Leonard Floyd. Both are potential first round selections despite being very young, and both are draft eligible this year.

South Carolina's talent is fairly concentrated on the offensive side of the ball - running back Mike Davis has battled a rib injury early in the season, but is a gifted runner. He's backed by three strong veterans on the line: LT Corey Robinson, LG AJ Cann, and RT Brandon Schell have all started over 25 games together.

Tennessee at #4 Oklahoma

8:00 p.m. ET

Better, but not great selection for the night game. Oklahoma is one of the best teams in the nation, and Tennessee has a couple good prospects to watch that make this more worthwhile than some of the other choices.

Tennessee's main target is AJ Johnson, the senior linebacker. At 6'2" 242, I like him as a run stopping linebacker with ability and awareness in pass coverage - essentially, what Buffalo thinks they're getting with Preston Brown. But I like Johnson quite a bit better than Brown. He had a season ending injury last year which likely prevented him from going pro, but has been continuing his good play this season. Safety Brian Randolph is an interesting prospect who has struggled with injuries over the last couple years. Justin Coleman is an experienced corner to keep an eye on. I like receiver Pig Howard, but that's mostly because of his name.

Oklahoma hasn't really been challenged yet as a team, but they have a strong nucleus of talent on both the offensive and defensive lines. Erik Striker is the chess piece to watch on defense, and the continuing progression of Trevor Knight at quarterback is the point of interest on offense.