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How the Buffalo Bills helped Seantrel Henderson shut out Cameron Wake

Miami Dolphins pass rusher Cameron Wake was a non-factor in the Buffalo Bills' 29-10 beatdown of their division rivals. Here's how the Bills helped rookie tackle Seantrel Henderson pitch a shutout in his second start.

Heading into Sunday's matchup between the Buffalo Bills and the Miami Dolphins, one of the key matchups that fans and analysts alike had their eyes on was between star pass rusher Cameron Wake and rookie right tackle Seantrel Henderson.

In their 29-10 win, the Bills emerged victorious not only on the scoreboard, but in handling Wake, who had but one assisted tackle in one of his quieter days as a pro. But don't make the mistake of thinking that the Bills' seventh-round rookie handled one of the league's elite pass rushers; far from it. The Bills had a good game plan designed to help their right tackle, and it worked exceedingly well.

Scott Chandler, Chris Gragg, and Fred Jackson all had roles to play in helping Henderson keep Wake at bay. The Bills used their read-option running game to set up some misdirection play fakes that had Wake setting the edge on passing plays, ran enough flat patterns to his side to keep him thinking, and chipped him far more frequently than not throughout the afternoon. Henderson played well, but as you might expect, on the few occasions Henderson was left one-on-one with Wake, EJ Manuel was under duress.

15 stills from the All-22 tape above explain in further detail some of what the Bills did to game plan for Wake; the explanations are in the captions. If you're viewing this post on a mobile device, be sure you're flipping through the gallery in landscape mode.