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Bills-Dolphins recap, Bills-Chargers preview: Buffalo Rumblings Live

On this week's episode of Buffalo Rumblings Live, we're reviewing the Bills' 29-10 win over the Miami Dolphins, what's gone right and wrong in their 2-0 start, and previewing a Week 3 matchup with San Diego.

The Buffalo Bills are 2-0 and atop the AFC East all by their lonesome. This week on Buffalo Rumblings Live, Brian Galliford and I will break down the home opener for you and tell you what they did so well to pace the game and what they need to work on going forward.

Following that review, we'll be joined by one of the editors from Bolts From The Blue, SB Nation's home for all things San Diego Chargers, to discuss the Bills' upcoming home date with the team that just knocked off the defending Super Bowl champs.

Now that the emotion has faded from the sale of the Bills and the emotional home opener, will the Bills be able to knock off a team that just topped the Seattle Seahawks? Can the Bills start punching in red zone opportunities? What made the defensive line look so good Sunday? Those questions and more will be addressed.

We'll field questions live on air, but you can also start leaving them now down in the comments section. See you at 9 p.m. tonight, folks.