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Marshall Faulk asks: do the Bills have the skill to beat the Chargers?

Marshall Faulk picked the Dolphins to beat the Bills last week. That blew up in his face. Now, he's asking Bills fans to convince him that Buffalo can beat the San Diego Chargers in Week 3.

Vaughn Ridley

Count Hall of Fame running back Marshall Faulk among the legions of NFL analysts that have been impressed by the 2-0 start for the Buffalo Bills. Faulk has a question for Bills fans this week concerning the undefeated Bills' upcoming matchup with the San Diego Chargers.

I can think of three easy reasons that the Bills have the skill, and the circumstance, to not only hang with an excellent Chargers team, but beat them outright - but I'm sure y'all can come up with several dozen more in the comments section below.

  • Buffalo has plenty of playmaking skill talent on offense (C.J. Spiller and Sammy Watkins chief among them), defense (three Pro Bowlers on the defensive line and the suddenly-popular Corey Graham leading the secondary), and even special teams (Spiller and a developing, solid core group featuring Boobie Dixon, who blocked a punt last week). This team is talented enough to hang with any team, anywhere, provided the quarterback play is consistent.
  • San Diego boasts a dynamic passing offense led by quarterback Philip Rivers, but the Bills have already played a better passing offense this season in Chicago - and they won that game, aided by some key forced turnovers. Plus, the Bills have the benefit of playing that Chargers offense in the cozy confines of Ralph Wilson Stadium.
  • Speaking of home-field advantage: did you know that the Bills have won their last three games at The Ralph by a combined score of 85-24? Sure, those games came against the New York Jets and the Miami Dolphins (twice), and those teams are not at the same level as San Diego. But anyone that underestimates the Bills' home-field advantage... well, actually, they probably picked Miami to win last Sunday, didn't they?

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