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Buffalo Rumblings Live: Kyle Orton, 53-man roster, Bills vs. Bears preview

The new in-season format of Buffalo Rumblings Live makes its debut as we discuss the Bills' 53-man roster, the signing of Kyle Orton, and the Chicago Bears with guest blogger Steven Schweickert of

The Buffalo Bills signed the most expensive backup quarterback in the NFL and cut their roster to 53 players since we last convened. Oh, and they play the Chicago Bears this Sunday. Those two topics are the focus of this week's episode of Buffalo Rumblings Live, which you can watch in the video embedded above.

It's also the debut of our new in-season format. Brian Galliford and I will start the show recapping the last week - in this case, the roster cutdown - before bringing in a guest blogger covering the team the Bills will square off against the following Sunday. This week, Steven Schweickert from Windy City Gridiron joins us to chat Jay Cutler, Marc Trestman, and the Bears.

Also on the discussion agenda: the addition of Kyle Orton and what it means to the Bills' offense. As always, your questions are welcome throughout the show; leave them right in the comments section below.