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Buffalo Bills sale: Bon Jovi, Trump release statements in defeat

Terry and Kim Pegula will be the new owners of the Buffalo Bills. Two folks that lost also released statements this afternoon.

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Terry and Kim Pegula will own the Buffalo Bills. Donald Trump and the Jon Bon Jovi-led Toronto group also submitted binding bids yesterday and released the following statements today in concession.

"On behalf of Myself, Larry Tanenbaum and Edward Rogers, we wish Terry and Kim Pegula all the best as they continue the legacy and tradition of the Buffalo Bills and the Wilson family," wrote Bon Jovi in a letter to the Buffalo News. The News also reports the Toronto group's bid went as high as $1.05 billion.

"A large part of the reason for my bid was to ensure that the team remained in Buffalo. I would like to congratulate the Pegula family on what will be, I am sure, a wonderful purchase. I would also like to congratulate the doubt, that the team will now remain in your wonderful city." That, from Trump, according to Adam Benigni of WGRZ in Buffalo.

There sale won't be official until ratification by the majority of current NFL owners on October 17.