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Offseason rhetoric: EJ Manuel, Matt Cassel, Tyrod Taylor, Bills QB competition edition

The Buffalo Bills' quarterback competition is just around the corner. Catch up on where EJ Manuel, Matt Cassel, and Tyrod Taylor stand in the court of public opinion before training camp starts later this month.

Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

After three months and several mini-camps and team activities, none of the three contenders for the Buffalo Bills' starting quarterback job have really distanced themselves from the pack. With training camp opening at the end of the month, now is a good time to take stock of where each quarterback stands in the eyes of the team and the coaching staff. There hasn't been much that's changed over the offseason, but there's enough to establish a good baseline for where each of them with training camp right around the corner.

EJ Manuel

"I feel like he has a lot of traits that you look for in a quarterback. He's smart, he's dedicated. I think he has movement skills. ... He'll certainly be given an opportunity here. That doesn't mean we are set at the quarterback position." - Rex Ryan (January 14)

"I'm excited about EJ Manuel. I liked him coming out, and I'm looking forward to working with EJ, that's for sure... I know what he's capable of doing. We've just got to cut him loose and let him go play." - David Lee (January 21)

"I definitely think he's done some very good things and displayed some good traits. I'd just say we have to get his level of consistency a little bit greater." - Greg Roman (January 28)

"I think the biggest thing that he learned was when Kyle came in and took over, I think he learned you can't be buddy-buddy with everybody. You the face of the franchise. You the quarterback. So you have to demand certain things - you have to demand everything. You have to let the receivers know where they should be if they want to get the ball. You have the let the running back know, 'This is where the blitz is coming from. I need you to get over there and pick it up.' I think early on, he just really didn't understand how to step on guys' toes. Once Kyle took over, he seen how Kyle did it, and that kinda helped him." - C.J. Spiller (March 3)

"When you see EJ, I don't remember if I've seen him throw the ball this well in the time I've seen him doing it. He's really firing it." - Rex Ryan April 29)

"He's a good kid. I've heard him talk to the players, I've heard what type of leader he is. He has it all. But he knows he has to get it done on the field." - Jim Kelly (May 18)

"Speculation's the key word there. I don't remember ever saying that, and that's the furthest thing from the truth. I mean, he's busting his hump every day and doing a very good job. There's a lot of clay to mold there as well, so whatever people are talking about, I don't know where that's coming from. But the answer is, no, he's doing a good job." - Greg Roman (May 19)

"Thanks to one good day, he was easily the most productive quarterback during the three-day minicamp. If he can continue that effort into training camp, he won't give the Bills any option but to start him." - Joe Buscaglia (June 18)

Matt Cassel

"He can throw outside the numbers, he's got leadership qualities; I've seen that since he's been here. He's smart, really bright. The best thing is that he's got 10 years of NFL experience." - David Lee (April 14)

"We trained a little bit in LA, so we connected a bit. ... He is out here making some strong throws and helping this team." - Robert Woods (April 29)

"He's been exactly what we expected... A veteran force who can galvanize the team, and he can teach the young guys the intricate things that quarterbacks do that doesn't take place on the field ... a lot of the things that people on the outside don't see. He's done that, and he's not afraid of the challenge. He's ready to compete." - Doug Whaley (May 23)

"Cassel doesn’t move well, he doesn’t always throw the prettiest ball, and has easily had the worst-looking practice performances of all of the quarterbacks." - Vic Carucci (June 22)

Tyrod Taylor

"We've been very happy with Tyrod, and we feel like he has a great future, but we have been a little disappointed how he's played in games, certainly. We feel like he's a lot better than he's showed. I know he feels that way too." - John Harbaugh (March 25, 2014)

"If he's not the fastest quarterback in the league, he's certainly up there with them. He's got great run skills." - Rex Ryan (March 12)

"He's got that uncommon speed ... he may be the fastest guy if you timed them all. So this guy is exciting to all of us because he has that dimension of, 'Hey, I can beat you with my legs and not just my arm.' I think he has a beautiful throwing motion and I just have to think we got to see how accurate he is." - David Lee (April 14)

"Instead, even though there's no concrete evidence that he can actually be an NFL-caliber starter, several people within the organization believe Taylor has a great chance to be the man under center on Sept. 13 when the Bills open against the Indianapolis Colts." - Sal Maiorana (May 29)

"Taylor clearly has the strongest arm of the three QBs in the competition. He’s got a pretty good head on his shoulders when it comes to processing information and reading things pre-snap. And we all know about his foot speed. I think if he wants to be the Bills starting QB his ball location and overall accuracy will have to take a noticeable step forward." - Chris Brown (July 3)