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Ameer Abdullah 2015 NFL Draft scouting report

This small but productive running back from Nebraska shows a great understanding of the little things when running the ball, and has the look of a future starter.

Bruce Thorson-USA TODAY Sports

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Ameer Abdullah

  • Position: Running back (RB)
  • Class: Senior
  • College: Nebraska
  • Ht/Wt: 5'8", 198 pounds

Scouting Report

Ameer Abdullah is really fun to watch, and comes across almost like a young Fred Jackson.

He has excellent vision and balance; he always finds a way to fall forward for a positive gain on a play. He processes plays very quickly, reading everyone's positions and fluidly choosing his path. Abdullah has outstanding cutting ability and strong legs; he'll run through weak tackles for a few extra yards, although you likely won't see him completely shake a defender most of the time.

What he doesn't have great top end speed, but it's still above average. The most encouraging thing about his game is that it's built on chunks of yards, not on breaking an 80-yard play, which should translate well to the NFL.

He's underdeveloped as a pass blocker, and he has some work to do on identifying blocking priority and fixing his technique. As a route runner, his game was mostly limited to swing passes and wheel routes, though he showcased good hands (but, unfortunately, a small catch radius). Abdullah shows good patience, but is quick to jump into a gap if he identifies an opening. Sometimes if he hesitates a little longer, he can uncover a bigger gain.


Abdullah gets a first-round grade from me, and I see him as a successful long-term starter who could make a few Pro Bowls in the right offense.