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Garrett Grayson 2015 NFL Draft scouting report

If the Bills are looking for a future alternative to EJ Manuel, this quarterback from Colorado State may be the most realistic option this offseason.

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Garrett Grayson

  • Position: Quarterback (QB)
  • Class: Senior
  • College: Colorado State
  • Ht/Wt: 6'2", 215 pounds

Scouting Report

Garrett Grayson is an interesting senior prospect. He has good size, with great arm strength. In the pocket, he has good footwork and mechanics, and his throws are accurate when he can step into them. Even if he doesn't set his feet in the pocket, he has enough arm strength to place the ball well on most throws. He sees the field well and has a good sense of anticipation for when a route will break open. When pressured, Grayson keeps his eyes downfield and tries to scramble forward for a few yards or throw a player open; you rarely see him panic or freeze under pressure. Even struggling in a bowl game against Utah, most of the offensive struggles can be attributed to great individual plays by the defenders - breaking up passes in tight windows or defeating the offensive line before Colorado State's routes had opened up.

Grayson's mechanics tend to break down when he's flushed from the pocket, and he has some bad habits in that situation - like throwing across his body or without his feet set, which makes some passes sail. He doesn't call plays, but receives the play call from the offensive coordinator and appears to set up the protections and route combinations for his team. He works out of an offense that combines pro-style elements with no huddle and pistol/spread looks.


Grayson is a quarterback prospect with some polish to parts of his game, but like most of the quarterbacks in this year's draft, there are parts of his game that disappoint. He reminds me of Derek Carr - who was a second-round pick in last year's draft - albeit with less arm talent. His skill set ultimately has me placing him in the late second or third round.