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Bills vs. Titans, 2015 NFL Week 5: first half live chat

The first time they were coming off a crushing defeat this season, the Bills dominated an opponent on the road. Can they repeat the feat in Week 5 (or at least come away with a win)?

Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

In their two wins this season, the Buffalo Bills have been dominant, outscoring the Indianapolis Colts and the Miami Dolphins by a margin of 68-28, and looking very much like a team that can not only seriously compete for a spot in the AFC playoff field, but claim one, and then make noise thereafter.

In their two losses this season, the Bills have been dominated; the New England Patriots went on a 37-6 run in an eight-point Week 2 victory that the Bills simply didn't have enough offense to overcome, and then the New York Giants opened up leads of 17-3 and 24-10 in their Week 4 win last weekend. Both of those losses occurred at Ralph Wilson Stadium, as well, adding extra bitterness to defeat.

Today, the 2-2 Bills will try to return to their winning ways on the road against a 1-2 Tennessee Titans team that features an exciting young quarterback and an underrated defense, and which is coming off a bye week. Buffalo will attempt to right the proverbial ship without the services of prominent offensive skill players in LeSean McCoy and Sammy Watkins, and while trying to exorcise their own demons on the penalty front.

Week 5 will be a challenge for the up-and-down Bills, but a team bound for the postseason would be expected to win in a tough spot - and that's today's goal for Buffalo. Enjoy the first half of today's game, everyone. Go Bills!