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Bills-Titans halftime score: Tennessee clinging to 3-0 lead

The Buffalo Bills have managed to trail by only three points in Tennessee at halftime despite terrible play on offense. Can they turn it around in the second half?

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

It's sort of amazing that the Buffalo Bills only trail the Tennessee Titans by a score of 3-0 at halftime in Week 5.

The Bills didn't pick up their first first down of the day offensively until there were roughly seven minutes remaining in the second quarter. All told, Buffalo's offense - playing without Sammy Watkins and LeSean McCoy, and against an athletic and blitz-happy Titans defense - only accumulated 51 total yards in the first half, 34 of which came on the final, two-minute drive of the half.

Their inability to sustain drives behind Tyrod Taylor and a struggling offensive line led to a whole lot of playing time for Buffalo's defense. They sprung some leaks here and there, but by and large played a very good half to limit the Titans to one lone, 21-yard field goal. It's been a bend-but-don't-break performance that, frankly, won't be sustainable in the second half if the offense can't start producing yards and points.

This is your open thread for the second half of this ugly, but still very winnable game for the Bills. Let's see what the coaching staff can do to turn momentum in their players' favor. Buffalo will have the ball first to start the half. Go Bills!