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EJ Manuel could win starting job while Tyrod Taylor is injured, per report

So this is the most fun news report we've read today. Anyone else?

Mark Konezny-USA TODAY Sports

Ian Rapoport of NFL Network is reporting this morning that the Buffalo Bills could re-open their quarterback battle if EJ Manuel plays well this week. Take it with a grain of salt as an unsourced report but Rap Sheet is one of the best out there so someone said it to him, even if was Manuel's agent.

Current Bills starting quarterback Tyrod Taylor injured his leg last week on a long scramble for a first down but stayed in the game. Taylor, who sat behind Joe Flacco in Baltimore for four season, spoke about not wanting to lose his spot due to injury this week.

The Bills decided on Taylor in August after Manuel struggled early in camp and was never able to get back into the conversation. In fact, Matt Cassel was the backup quarterback during Week 1 before he was traded so Manuel rising from third to first in the middle of the season would truly be remarkable.

Manuel has a 6-8 record and 16 touchdowns to 12 interceptions in 14 starts since being the Bills' first round pick out of Florida State in 2013.

The timing of this injury and report is certainly noteworthy. With a two-week injury to Taylor, Manuel could get two starts heading into the team's bye week. If an in-season mini QB competition were to be conducted, it would seem to be the time that makes the most sense.

Buckle up, Bills fans.