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Bills vs. Giants, 2015 NFL Week 4: second half live chat

Can the Bills turn it around in the second half?

Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

The Buffalo Bills are getting run over by the New York Giants and little yellow penalty flags at Ralph Wilson Stadium today. They are down 16-3 in a game that could already be out of hand. If they're going to come back and win the game, they will need to play with more discipline and a little spark on offense.

Buffalo's offense has been lethargic today. Tyrod Taylor has completed 6-of-13 passes for just 36 yards and an interception. They haven't fared much better running the ball, gaining just 42 yards on the ground.

The defense has been gashed by the Giants passing game. Eli Manning is getting out the ball very quizkly and has topped 100 passing yards to go with his two touchdown passes.

Penalties have once again plagued the Bills, with 8 flags giving the Giants 54 yards and an extra opportunity that New York turned into a touchdown. It's been ugly all around.

Buffalo kicks off to start the second half.