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Bills vs. Jets live chat, Thursday Night Football, 2015 NFL Week 10: first half

The Buffalo Bills, donning as much red as possible, are hoping to play better than their "color rush" uniforms look and capture a huge road win on national television against the New York Jets. Come chat about the game with us inside.

The Buffalo Bills are 4-4. The New York Jets are 5-3. Those two teams are playing each other tonight on Thursday Night Football, and it feels a little bit like a make-or-break game for both sidelines.

Nobody cares about the Jets, though, so here's why this game feels like a must-win situation for the Bills: if they lose, they fall below .500 and to 2-2 in the AFC East with a road night game up next on the schedule against the New England Patriots. Without a win tonight, they're facing the very real possibility of ending up at 4-6 overall (and 2-3 in the division) and in need of five wins in six games - or maybe even six straight - to crack the AFC playoff field.

So, yeah. Tonight's a big game. This is your spot to talk about the first half of it. Cross your fingers and toes that the team's stars not only stay healthy, but play well enough to help Rex Ryan achieve what is undoubtedly a personal goal of his in beating the team that fired him less than a calendar year ago.

Also, we really, really hope you are not annoyed by the color red, because, well...

Go Bills!